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On the first two pages of this site you will find information on the Vergons star system, their planet, society, customs, and other information gathered by Dr. Kili-Kemmi Richick DMA. DDR. DZS.. Dr. Richick spent 2 years living with the Vergons on their home world and is considered the leading expert on the Vergon race.

SYSTEM LOCATION: The Vergon home world is located approximately 7 light years from the Prenglar system on the way to the Athor system. Although the system is still classified by most spacers as system 0047901 x-ray, the common name for the star system among the frontier is Ora-Mathas.

Ora~Mathas consists of seventeen planets orbiting a yellow-red star. The planet of Goris is the home world of the Vergon race and is the seventh planet from this star. The sixth planet, Marsura, has not been explored in great detail as of this publication, but is currently believed to have once been the home of life. Its current atmosphere is breathable with filter masks and is the topic of dicussion on the frontier for the first complete terraforming project.


GORIS (the common name of the Vergon god, MASTER OF THE HUNT) The planet itself is 70% water and has only one main body of land known as Roz-Simia. Although there are in excess of 15,000 islands on the planet that support vegetation and small animals, Roz-Simia is the only area the Vergon race inhabit. Roz-Simia is the best and worst of environments, from the icy cold glacier covered north down to the rainforest infested south. Because of the planets axis tilt and rotation, the day light hours in Roz-Simias northern regions last only 6.5 hours and in its southern regions day light hours last up to 17 hours.
Orbiting Goris are 11 small moons and one large moon. Twice per month (month=47 days) all 11 small moons will be in "full light" causing Roz-Simia to glow in pure white for up to 2 hours in some cases. These days are refered to by the Vergons as night-eyes and are celebrated as religious holidays in all regions. Only once in the Vergons recorded history have all 12 moons been in "full light" at one time. This night is referred to as "THE MASTERS CAPTURE."

Vergons live in clans. These clans range from small family size (10-15) to clans in excess of 2,000. The clan leader or "Sharoth" is typically the oldest woman in the clan. Clans in the middle regions of Roz~Simia gave up their nomadic ways and now live in what is best discribed as settlements. These settlements generally consiste of a small city like area surrounded with ranches (fresh meat) and very little farmland. A clan of 500 Vergons will typically have a settlement of 50 miles or more. Roz-Simia is a maze of settlements which change on an almost monthly basis through clan wars, sport (more on these later), and in extremely rare cases, through pairing (marriage).