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Customs/ Society:

Vergon cities:
Before the Vergon race became a member of the UPF there was only one city on the planet that we know of. (in this case I refer to a city of not just one clan, but of multiple clans). The largest of the planets current 5 cities is Oleran and is thought to have close to 125 different clans and a population of over 150,000. The Sharoth of the 10 largest clans (all females) create all the cities laws. Within these large cities, clans work and play along side each other with ease and even members of the largest clans are easily identified by scent. A good example of how clans have adopted to large city life is the Lixel clan. All adult members of the Lixel clan are the cities police force, and as you would expect their Sharoth is on the city council.


Vergon "Sport" (not what you think)
There are only two replies to a declaration of war,"field of honor"(yes) or "sport". Sport is the only fair way for a small tribe to survive against a much larger tribe; it consists of the strongest male of each tribe fighting each other with mutually agreed upon weapons. The survivor is the winner. Unlike war, if you lose in sport, the victor does not take over your settlement.
There is no record that I could find as to how the act of sport came into existance, but it is used by all tribes on Goris.

Planerary Government:
With the introduction of the UPF into the Vergons existence, it became obvious that they would need to form some type of Planetary government. After over fifteen years of debate. What was finally decided upon is best described as a confederacy. In matters of planetary importance, the Sharoth in every clan has a vote (in most cases less than 5% of clans actually vote.) In other matters, such as planetary trade agreements, only the 25 largest and most powerful clans vote. As you can see it has become even more important in Vergon society to gain and keep power.

Basic rules of war:
When war is declared between tribes it will only take place outside of the cities.
War between tribes has an extremely structured set of rules. 1. An undeclared war will cause the aggressors tribe to be branded "disordered" and all tribal members put to death. 2. Upon declaring war, both sides must wait four days before any battle can begin. 3. No child under 10 years of age shall be involved in any fighting, and all children of the losing side shall be taken into families of the winning side without disgrace. 4. If at any point a battle reaches either sides city limit, that city is considered captured and the war over.

Planetary Force:
With such a loose government structure, my first thought was that there was no provision pertaining to a planetary force. I was not that far off. In cases of planetary emergency, all male warriors will assemble at a predesignated area (I have no idea where these are.) The oldest and strongest warriors hold the highest rank in these make shift armies and although they have never been needed* they are quite feared through out the frontier.

*reference history page for Vergon Vs. CDC.