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Photos that I was able to get my hands on while I was on Goris:

Photos provided by the UPF,CDC and myself.

Vergon home planet of Goris
This is the first known photo of Goris.
Taken by the UPF during the stand off with the CDC.
The planet Marsura.
The origan of this photo is unknown, but is the best photo of the "dead planet."


Algost Space Station.
Owned by the CDC, Algost is the only station that the Vergons, not to mention the UPF, will allow in the system. It is primary used as a way point for CDC freighters hauling fish from their processing plant on the surface of Goris.
CDC fish processing plant.
Located on an island, well away from Roz~simia, and sanctioned by both the Vergons and UPF. The greatest asset the Vergons have to offer the frontier is the abundance of fish. (Remember the Vergons need the protien and enzimes of red meat as a food source.)



The city of Rola, one of only Five Vergon cities.
The city of Rola, built by the UPF, with the permission and protection of one of the largest calns on the planet. Rola acts as a meeting place mostly for Frontier races and very rarely will a Vergon be seen here.
Vergon clan city.
As with most clan cities, this was built with future expansion in mind. Shortly after these prints were taken this clan was taken over by a neighboring clan.



Shotgun Pistol.
Respected for it's durability and power the shotgun pistol is the favored sidearm of most Vergons.
A85R The favored Assult rifle of the Vergons:
The A85R is the most reliable rapid-fire projectile weapon known to the frontier. It's light weight, weather resistance, rate of fire (600 rounds per min.) and low cost have put this weapon on the top of most lists of must have equipement.


A92 Power Blaster:
When the Vergon race was first encountered they were in the beginning stages of laser technolnogy. With the influx of frontier technology the Vergons were able to develop some of the most widely desired weapons on the frontier. The A92 Power Blaster being the most popular.

Unidentified Vergon planetary fighter:
This photo was taken as we were approching the Algost space station. As we transmitted our SID # to the station the craft returned to the planet. No further information was gathered.