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Racial Attributes:
Basic Understanding of Vergons:
The Vergon race has a reputation of violence which is not 100% correct. They prefer to strike as soon as possible, giving their enemy less of a chance to properly defend themselves or a chance to assemble a counter attack. "A good attack now! Is better than a perfect attack tomorrow!" These are the words most Vergons live by.

When the race was discovered by the UPF, the Vergons were basic Tech-level 7. They are still within the area of Tech-level 7, but are gaining ground fast. Desecendents of pack hunters, the race still needs the protien and enzimes associated with a fresh kill of red meat at least twice a week. The UPF has been able to create a drug that will give an individual the protien needed, but still leaves the Vergon with the urge for red meat and over use causes extreme weakness and in some cases, even death.
Vergons DO NOT cook their meat and unless you have a very strong stomach it is not recommended that you watch a Vergon eat. Most people, including myself, find it impossable to hold down what they have eaten when joining a Vergon for a meal.
*Special note: most Vergons do not care who is around when they eat.

Individual Abilities:
1. Vergons are color blind.
2. They have acute hearing, taste & smell as well as discriminatory smell.
3. With their combat reflexes as well as claws and teeth, they are never unarmed.
4. Their fur ads to their protection.
5. They have a penetrating call that can be heard up to 6 miles on a quiet night. This call is often used against their enemys as a psyhcological attack. When they stop your in trouble.